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02-01-2013, 10:06 AM
Yes, DPS might be the king of the PvE game, but If I'm bringing high DPS myself and buffing the tacs damage as well the team has a higher DPS then if I just came as another tac.

In HO screw my damage (tho I still do plenty, I just drop the focus), I go full on shield assault. Tractor beam with a doff, tachyon beam, tykens, energy syphon, polarized distruptors, Sheild draining pets... Give the tacs bare hulls and HO is lightning fast. Edit: Hmm I should pick up some tets for HO come to think of it... but I'd be loath to give up my disruptor procs...)

Again, the vast majority of the STO population has no appreciation for what debuffs bring. All I hear is about how gimped they are. They allow your teammates to do amazing things. That is the point. If you aren't personally satisfied with the playstyle I understand entirely. It isn't for everyone. But a good sci is an asset, one that just doesn't math out easy in a parse.

There is a sad lack of good scis... but the same can be said of any class.
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