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02-01-2013, 10:20 AM
Since I am unable to connect to the game today... let's continue and keep this thread fresh shall we...

Current issue is less of a "bug" and more of a lack of customer support and/or poor programming. It has been addressed in other posts but never remedied. Oh sure, you got 25 amateur "experts" who don't work for PW chiming in but only one answer from Devs in a nutshell says "Try these 100 things and fix it urself guys. :-P" I know, as well as a few others what the problem is. I even submitted a ticket last time it happened in a CLEAR, CONCISE manner. With edited screen shots and all, begging for them not to give me a lame, generic response like "clear your cookies" or "try rebooting". Yet, that's what I got. "Copy and paste files into your Antivirus." was the pro tech answer I got. The problem is exactly that on slow connections, the launcher updater (not the actual patching, the little white box that LOADS the launcher) refuses to allow enough time to update on slow connections and gives up. I know this because, #1 After scouring the forums, it was the only answer that made any sense. #2 After I had the problem I was able to launch the game on a faster connection immediately after 10 failed attempts on the slow one. Now... my connection is at times fine, and others slow for days or weeks. Once the launcher updates, I have no problem at either speed until next launcher update. That's where I am today. Can't update launcher because it's timing out, therefore can't play game until i can connect using a faster speed, then all will be fine. Do they raise the timeout limit? No. Do they acknowledge it is the real issue? No. I am not willing to attempt fooling with thing i know nothing of to MAYBE fix this. I shouldn't have to, I don't work for PWE, and I buy Zen so they can address issues regarding the game.

So yes... this is still on topic, not a tech support issue as my real complaint is yet again that REAL problems are swept under the rug and focus is solely placed on 'new ships new ships new ships', etc. and the new bugs that come with the new content are only addressed if it's a minor easy fix.