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The problem with the JHAS is that it's a Mary Sue ship. I think most people could deal with it being better, but being better than every escort in every way is just too much.

As others have pointed out, the most intolerable aspect of the JHAS is its turn rate. This is because it is significantly better than the other "agile" escorts while also being sturdier and having a better boff layout.

It's also kind of important that some escorts start at a 15 turn rate. They need to be competitive too, so the most agile escorts really can't have more than around 17.
It doesn't bother me tbh like I say when I see one I just don't decloak anywhere around it but this is right the patrol gets Its turn gimped but has its survivability increased the defiant has good turn higher damage but it survivability is gimped the kdf well the devs don't like the kdf raptor NUF said

But the JHAS is superior in every way which I don't mind as you only see a handful around throughout a days session as long as they don't increase the number o them then so be it
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