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I originally started the two following threads
before I realized that both underlying problems are the same. Sorry for not posting it in the right discussion. This post is not supposed to be a double post.

The problem is like this:

1) You cannot return ZEN products like ships, bridges, outfit etc. etc. I really hate having stuff in my inventory that I no longer use but cannot really get rid of. I want to be able to dump the old stuff in the sense that you yield the "right of ownership". I'm talking about a return policy that allows you to part from unwanted items once and for all without the possibility of reclaiming.

2) In return for terminating the "right of ownership", the player should receive a !!!PARTIAL!!! refund. By partial, I mean e.g. 10% of original ZENs or Dillithium or EC or anything. For me that is important because I don't want to have the feeling that I have spent ZEN on nothing when I throw things out of the window.

3) I do hope that Cryptic makes cash to continue the game. That's why I am proposing a PARTIAL refund. A little ZEN, Dillithium or EC would give me the motivation to part from old junk. I would buy new products that I would not consider under the current policy, because some of the new products have a tendency to replace the older ones and I do not want to make things I once bought obsolete. I think in the end Cryptic would actually cash in multiple times: I bought the first product, terminate it and get a minimal refund then buy the newer version...repeat until done.