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Originally Posted by auricius View Post
To my knowledge, CBS never said no to a T5 Constitution, per se. The deal states, that there would be no TOS Constitution at T5. Cryptic could profit nicely of this, if they withheld it for a longer time, since people who desire it, will have to make do with other ships as supplements, before they can get their hands on it. I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing Cruiser Retrofits in maybe a year's time.
Sounds like you know something we don't... hope your right though, especially if they have the same lay out for bridge officers like the temporal destroyer And the ability to equip Cannons... even dual cannons... ok, now I am just wishing for the impossible. Epic though.

That being said, as mentioned earlier, I am very surprisingly pleased by the new Ambassador. Even working on my Klingon tune (first time really) just to get the alternate ...
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