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02-01-2013, 11:16 AM
Originally Posted by auricius View Post
To my knowledge, CBS never said no to a T5 Constitution, per se. The deal states, that there would be no TOS Constitution at T5. Cryptic could profit nicely of this, if they withheld it for a longer time, since people who desire it, will have to make do with other ships as supplements, before they can get their hands on it. I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing Cruiser Retrofits in maybe a year's time.
I'm pretty sure it includes the Consitution Refit.

Though I won't be surprised that there is a design that's similar to the Consitution making an appearance. Saying it was designed by Scotty and was in omage to his favorite ship.

Originally Posted by neoakiraii View Post
What I would not mind seeing at some point now that they showed me how awesome they can pull it off is a museum of either the Enterprise NX 01, A, B or E.....where we can view the outside like how the C was and maybe even go inside.

since those are the only surviving Enterprise (I don't care about the books)
I made this exact proposal back before ESD returned to the canonical design.

That there would be Consitution (Maybe the 1701-A herself) parked as a visitable Museum at ESD, and we simply board her via a boarding ramp. Would make an interesting introduction to revised interiors and classic canonical bridges from the movies.