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02-01-2013, 11:17 AM
Well first you own nothing in game. Go life or sub & buy every zen product then "breaking news". Sto is shut down after 3 years of service. Tell me 2 days after shut down that you own anything in this game. Or your a bad monkey and get kicked out of game. Tell me then how much zen products you own.

Second a real world product from Walmart... You can't return for half off after use. Now Walmart & others do have a return policy. But most don't on games that are open. Reason is its entertainment not a blender. I own a bussiness with 0 return because I'm a service. STO is like Disney World. No refunds. Now sometimes some will give you credit for rain but not for I only want to go half a day so I want half off

Before you say "well let me sale that ship or uniform". No because Cryptic wants to make money. Not let you make money. Darn them!