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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
The Mirror Vo'Quv should be able to equip Birds Of Prey as pets. They give a very decent dps.
A strategy to do with the Birds of Prey Pets, is to place them on Follow. While they are on follow they will remain cloaked. Then, when you are ready for them to engage a target, just set them to attack. And if you can time it right and angle them in the right way, you can even get nasty Alpha strikes from them that can kill players as if they were an extra escort flying in.

As far as the Kar'fi goes, it depends on your build honestly. Fer'jai Frigates aren't so much damage monsters like Sophlogimo stated. They are more control based. Their powers of Aceton Field, High yield with their Chroniton Torpedoes, Tricobalt Mines, and (if you have the Advanced) their Tricobalt Torpedoes is more of a Stun and Disable based pet. Sure the Trics can hit hard and get kills, but they are also more likely to get shot down, unless you are also build around that same strategy.

A pet that not many seem to understand, that I like, is the Marauding Force. They can cause Boarding Party based subsystem disables, including Shield Disables. Are fast to launch and keep on the field of battle.

Other wise, stick with the Advanced Skull Fighters, or perhaps even the Elite Scorpion Fighters. Orion Fighters are also useful with their Photon Mines and subsystem disables they can provide.

As far as weaponry, I don't think I couldn't suggest the new Phased Polaron weapons.
With the Kar'fi, you can fly it a couple of different ways, from Beam Boat, to full Escort (4 DHC, 3 Turret) based weapon line up. It all depends on what Science powers you are also bringing with you. It's got a nice turn rate (A turn rate I wish the Jem'hadar Dreadnought shared >.<) and it's got a nice offensive lay out. Again it all depends on what your trying to accomplish.
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