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02-01-2013, 11:26 AM
Originally Posted by jtmarsh View Post
Well first you own nothing in game. Go life or sub & buy every zen product then "breaking news". Sto is shut down after 3 years of service. Tell me 2 days after shut down that you own anything in this game. Or your a bad monkey and get kicked out of game. Tell me then how much zen products you own.

Second a real world product from Walmart... You can't return for half off after use. Now Walmart & others do have a return policy. But most don't on games that are open. Reason is its entertainment not a blender. I own a bussiness with 0 return because I'm a service. STO is like Disney World. No refunds. Now sometimes some will give you credit for rain but not for I only want to go half a day so I want half off

Before you say "well let me sale that ship or uniform". No because Cryptic wants to make money. Not let you make money. Darn them!
How many Zen products? About 30, mostly ships excluding the services and the countless master keys.

And I never asked for "half off"! Did you even read my post? If I ask 1000 or 10000 Dillithium for dumping the Dreadnaught, that's equal to 10-100 ZEN refund for a 2000-2500 ZEN ship. Afterwards I would get the Ody bundle for 5000 ZEN, which I currently would not buy because of my other cruisers. This is really not much asking.