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02-01-2013, 11:39 AM
I'm sorry thought you said half but you only said 10 percent or partial. You know I once went to a movie. Bought popcorn, drinks & m&m's. no I'm lying about the candy I snuck it in. Well I was 15 min late for the show. Well my wife wanted to see that movie as well since she missed it with me. I went back with her. Paid same money just to see that intro I missed. Beyond that it was quite a bore to watch it again. Maybe the movie company give me only a partial refund and or credit and let me bail while the movies is in progress..

Or I have a year pass at The zoo. Been there 3x since getting it. But I'm tired of it. Maybe they can give me a percent off to turn that in early. With the extra money I can then spend it at there connecting water park! Yea that sound like something they would go go.

Again one more time you own nothing on that or any other game once the server is shutoff. I don't own Disney because I'm enjoying there park. So you have nothing to transfer over. You have a entertainment service that goes dark when the switch is turned off.