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02-01-2013, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by gong1fu1panda View Post
Besides in the real world you can sell your old car to someone else (but that is not the point here).
In most cases, your old car still has value to someone, since it still runs and your used car fits into someone's budget better than a brand new car.

There's no value in your ships in this game, except to you. It's a digital item; once you return that ship, it's gone.

Anyway, the point that most people are making is that Cryptic doesn't want you to get extra Zen or Dilithium for your old ships. They want you to spend that 2500 Zen on a ship, and then for that money to be theirs, forever. You have your ship, they have your money, and if you want anything else, you have to buy more Zen.

If Cryptic and PWE were to offer partial refunds in one form or another, I don't think any players would be opposed to it at all... it's just that most people are realistic in their expectations, and know that it will never happen.