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02-01-2013, 12:57 PM
Hola! I LOVE the new Ambassador-class ship! Probably one of the most detailed ships in-game! This has definitely been the one ship I have been waiting for since I started playing STO and now that it's in-game I can't pull myself away from it! It's just so PERFECT. Well almost...

But being a nitpick... the impulse engine should be blue!

Skip to about 1:18 on the video.

Anyway. HUGE thank you to the devs who put this thing together! It's been worth the wait! Not only is the ship great, but the mission to get it is amazing too! I've run it about half a dozen times because it's just so well put together. It's the perfect balance of ground RPG and space combat! Not to mention all the voice acting, ESPECIALLY the wonderful Denise Crosby!

Thanks again devs! And um... let's get that impulse engine color changed, mmkay?