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02-01-2013, 11:58 AM
A pvp reputation system won't be so bad I think, at least in terms of a grind. We're all PvPers and I'm sure we all do a few rounds a day on our characters that matter to us. The only thing it will likely be is time gated, as I can see any serious PvPer having a huge amount of stocked up marks or credits or whatever they want us to dump into such a system.

If we do get any new passives or active abilities through a rep system, though, I really hope they're active in PvP maps only. That way the PvE crowd can't complain fowl that we're getting special treatment "again" and that they have to suffer at the hands of us no-life people just for 1% more damage or defense. Just like the Romulan/Omega passives should have been PvE only.

And I really hope gear tied into such a rep system is on par with the other reputations so that it's not "must have" for any type of content, like if it had pvp only stats.
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