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02-01-2013, 12:58 PM
the problem with the bug is that it has everything that benefits an escorts ability to do what an escort does enhanced. the best impulse mod, the best turn rate and the best tactical consoles. these all act as effectiveness multipliers, and having several best multipliers on 1 ship balloons numerical performance drastically. to deny this is dishonesty.

most competing ships are diluted in some way or another, or the key stats that determine their primary performance are significantly lower. and wile they may have high stats in some areas, those stats and stations aren't optimized to make that chassis of ship do its main role better. they are just unique mixtures of stats and stations, allowing them to do more things, but not 1 thier main thing as well. the bug is the 11/10 escort, the recluse is the 11/10 heal boat, and the control ship well im not sure the vesta or wells could quite be considered 11/10, but its close enough.
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