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So ever since I completed Temporal Ambassador I have been getting crashes.

First crash happened when I was completing the mission. I did a scan, the dialog came up saying that there was no more anomalies. A option to warp out in the dialog came up, and I selected it. Immediately the game crashed with a dialog that I have attached to this post.

The second time around, it crashed the same way as soon as I selected my character (the one I used for the mission, to pick back up where I left off). Before logging in I had the launcher verify my files. The same error dialog box came up when it crashed.

The third time around, I verified the files yet again. This time I was able to load sector space. I was able to successfully turn in the Temporal Ambassador mission. I also was able to claim my omega rep thingy, and just as I was about to choose which Omega T1 Rep benefit, the game crashed again.

This is a screen cap of the error that pops up