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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
Christ Drunk at that rate why on earth would anyone play Fed/Klinkydink? lol
you know you like it! i'd consider removing 2k hull and .1 shield mod though. if none of the ships have any staying power, their station setups wont do them much good.

also npc abilities determining eventual player ship station setups is... silly. it would make the d'deridex a science vessel. its not.

its a huge ambush decloak striker, they were slaughtered when used as ships of the line in the dominion war. the romulans in the form of the scimitar have proven to be good at making very strong shields, unfortunately there seemed to be a rule that no ship could have shields during the dominion war, except the defiant, and the DS9 station.

the romulans should be BOP: the faction.
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