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02-01-2013, 01:25 PM
Yep, and the process for vetting non federation ships is quite a bit easier for them (which has been stated in the past).. for that matter, any ship that has never been in one of the series, or movies is much easier for them to put in game. Costume/clothing options are slightly more difficult, but theres still plenty of Klingon clothing options both male and female that have never been touched. Jadzia Dox wedding dress (and varients there off which qualify as Klingon "Formal" wear.. or looking back at ST-III "Search for Spock" marvelous and amazing outfit and we saw on a certain Klingon female spy.. (and how about that little itty bitty civilian frieghter? Why haven't we seen that yet?) then there was Klingon cloathing in both "Enterprise" and Voyager that has yet to be seen in game.

There is plenty of room yet to develop the KDF shinies. I listened to that Interview ZTempest.. Stahl did indeed admit that the Fed side is pretty saturated, and more then nuff canon KDF goodies to keep the Cryptic art dept busy for a year of so. And there is still more variation availible for fed off duty wear.

Still, KDF faction doesn't differentiate as muich as the Federation does between unifrom, and civilian wear. That has to do with the nature of Klingon society though.

Ah well, hurry up and wait.. I should be used to it by now, but I'm not.

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