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02-01-2013, 12:32 PM
Originally Posted by kassahn View Post
You'll strip shields faster with high wep energy weapons and energy siphon as your sci slots (losing tyk and tach for something entirely more useful). The shield drains in sci are patently useless.

OR- as a tac in a dps boat doing the same sans siphon. Tets /w tet glider also nice, but also dep on both flowcap and wep.

Has nothing to do with my personal satisfaction as a sci (again, my sci's are my favorites), just being blunt and open with what they can and cant do, what is and isn't useful.

Due to the gimped power levels the borg run, you can gib them with a ltc energy siphon a breen or a mvam, bop, vesta, while putting out more shield stripping energy damage from any range.

Doesn't mean that you or scis aren't useful, or that it doesn't get the job done. Obviously. To be fair, emer to shields, emer to weps, and cannon autoattacks get the pve job done.
My KDF Science main is set up for power drain and shield stripping and it does very well at both.

I like using the leach console with Energy Siphon 1 and Target Subsystems Shields 3 and Torpedo Spread with the Tholian Torpedo and a Tractor Beam 1 for good measure and I wreak havoc on targets power levels, my Aceton Assimilator is just overkill.

On a Side note:

Looking at the new Console that comes with the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought it just screams to be abused by a Science Captain with Sensor Scan, Sensor Analysts and Attack Pattern Beta??.. Defense , what Defense?