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02-01-2013, 01:36 PM
Bort this question is directed for you. can we see the cloaking console for the defiant get an upgrade? maybe an advanced cloak? dont need battle cloak because we dont need to shoot torps from cloak or send heals from cloak like the klinks do. just to be able to use cloak under combat.

right now even in pve there are better options for console slotting that hlp the ship better then using a console you can only use out of combat. its no good for stf or even pvp. any pve its mainly wasted. you can finish missions faster with out waiting for red alert to leave then waiting for red alert to go away to cloak up again. it just makes no sense to equip the cloak console. you can either equip resist armor consoles shield emitters or universal consoles as a better option to help the ship perform better.

really this console is "fun" but has no use. i mean go into cure elite space with it and see what happens every time you wait for red alert to leave. not to mention how much longer it would take to finish the mission.