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02-01-2013, 12:38 PM
Originally Posted by garakfan84 View Post
I had the same problem and I did it 3 times because I figured maybe I was assining the officers to the wrong stations and I was right.
So here is how it worked for me:

Tasha Yar: Tholian webbing;
Richard Castillo: Power levels;
T'Nae: Tractor beam;
Our officer: Docking clamps.

Hope this helps.
Huh. kay, I'll try that then.

Still, I don't think this was all intentional...and I hope they fix it.

Reminds me though, when I first experienced the problem, I thought it was part of the mission.

But really, once you start tampering with the Temporal Continuum, how much can you not expect?

Originally Posted by majkaos View Post
I had to do the same mission 3 times before i got thru, them I went to Adm Yim, got a new mission and after I started it, it all went away and I could not get it back.
Yeah this is a serious problem.