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This isn't a, why do they have to ruin it for the majority thing. Why does the Minority whos complaining about the balloons have to ruin the majoritys fun. I hate how zone chat sounds, so I will go on the fourms to campaign getting EVERYONE chatbanned. I don't like STFs so I want them all removed, I don't like Crystaline entity, so it should be deleted. I don't like Energy Credits, so delete the currency, I don't have any EC, so it wont affect me so I don't care if u delete it all! I don't like the dkora, so remove it from the game. I don't like balloons so they should all be removed.
You can close chat. You can't close lag. This point is irrelevant on so many levels.

Originally Posted by brokenmirror2012 View Post
This isn't a case where something is impeding your ability to play. This is like you acedentaly turned up the blue on ur Nivdia Graphics card, and now ur buying a new computr because its blue. No that doesn't make sense, just turn down the blue! Theres an option in the options that gets rid of the debris so you don't have to see it at all, see people spamming balloons, turn down that option! Your the vocal Minority contrary to what you think, the majority is the nonvocal people enjoying the balloons.
Maybe you like balloons but I've been talking to a fair few people who hate being lagged out. As for changing my graphics options, why should I be the one to change when I get to ESD and change back when I head out? Why should I change to accommodate for the people who are lagging other people? It's their actions, not mine, that is changing how the game should behave. If anyone should change it's them.

If I did something that was affecting how the game ran for other people I would cease and desist immediately. My parents raised me to be considerate of others.

Originally Posted by brokenmirror2012 View Post
Edit list of places that are unpopulated with these options: New Romulus, Captain's Table, Fleet Starbases, Drazona, there are about 30 ESD instances, im sure 1 of them doesn't have spam, the academy, D'kora bridge, Freighter bridge, Sierra Starbase, Memory Alpha, Bajor, you have no excuses. I just listed 9 diferent places u can go to acess all the Features easily with no interfearance,

Bajor is the number 1, has everything, no one is ever there.
All of a sudden you have a new toy and, lo and behold, using it affects the game for other people. Instead of being considerate to the general community and realising you're affecting the enjoyment of others YOU want US to move out of ESD? How utterly and completely selfish.

Originally Posted by dma1986 View Post
Tuffli and D'kora bridges, anywhere in space via the Azura comm code, starbases and embassies (OK, not quite other-people-free, but if you own the fleet you could implement a no-spam policy on the fleet holdings and kick anyone that breaks it).
Use the Azura comm? I'll do that if you can only use those childish party poppers with an equal cooldown. Include in that extra time to take in to consideration the cooldown on transwarp. Also, popper users can subsidise others getting a D'Kora. See how ludicrous your suggestions are?

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