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02-01-2013, 01:09 PM
@darramouss1 - You say that you were brought up to be considerate of others... Do you know how "Inconsiderate" you are sounding?

You want everyone who are having FUN with the poppers to STOP for your own selfish convenience! It's that plain and simple... Try listening to yourself!

If anything, you should be asking the devs to tweak the poppers to eliminating the lag. Not having a go at those who enjoy the fun of using the things during the celebration.

You started the thread stating that you loath ALL party poppers... Not just these new ones that unfortunately cause lag... So, the bare bones of your story is that you hate people having fun and want them to stop, for your own convenience. That's the REAL bottom of your story here!

So, take the advice of your upbringing and be considerate for others and stop being so selfish and trying to spoil the fun that others are having and adjust your attitude toward your fellow players.

Aim your frustrations at the devs instead and ask them to tweak the new popper so that it doesn't cause Lag... Then and only then will you get support from not only myself, but I'm sure many others.