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02-01-2013, 01:16 PM
Originally Posted by darramouss1 View Post
The place where people can use bank and exchange are VERY limited. You can use poppers anywhere, even in the comfort of your own bridge. Instead you choose to do it in ESD.

I live in a block of apartments. When I want to celebrate and have a party I do it in my privacy of my apartment, not in the hallways, as I respect that not everybody may want to celebrate or party in a public area. That's called consideration. If you were considerate you would go to the lower level of ESD. You can move your poppers all around ESD, we cannot move the bank or exchange on ESD.
You might have missed my post on the previous thread... Last post of the thread. You want something done? Take my advice I have given there, because at the moment, you are being very selfish and inconsiderate yourself.

At the moment, you're going about it all in the wrong way. Don't have a pop (pun not intended) at the player base... Instead, make your plea to the devs and ask them to try and fix the problem. Don't expect the majority of 2 million players to just STOP using the popper.

I rest my case.

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