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Santiago: Admiral, we have a situation down here.

*Phaser fire can be heard in the background.*

An assassin is in the building. Listen to me, we need an exodus! We can't hope to beat the Shedai! Take as many civilian and Starfleet Vessels as you can and rendezvous with the Republic Fleet in Sector 411!

Don't wait for me! Civilians are already evacuating the planet, they're your priority!

You're in charge, Admiral! Until this office says otherwise, you're in charge of all Federation Forces! Everything's gone to hell James! God help us, you're on your own!

*The transmission goes dead in static.

In the President's Office, DeSalle walks in and slams Santiago against a wall. Nanoprobe tubules extend into his neck and the probes destroy his body from the inside.

Something is latched into DeSalle's spine - a Synthesiser Drone.*
James: *Feels the death of Santiago... and the deaths of others...* Order all ships to get as many civilians out as possible in what you can. Warp to point 456 and meet up the with republic refuges. This ship will look for Preston.

*Preston feels the death as he boards his vessel the diadect appears before him.*

Preston: I will do what is to be done.. and join the Shedai... to preserve the peace and the people.

*Turns to Gial*

Preston: Hail the Federation vessels.

Gial: Channel open

Preston: This is Vice President Preston.. Upon the death of Sanitago as per the law of the Federation.. I hereby assume the role of President of the Federation. Upon the first act I hereby command starfleet to stand down and accept the fact that we need to protect the people in the way of tradition. But through arms we have no chance to fight them.. So I command all ships stand down.

*Some Federation vessels stop and stand down... a rebel shouts that 60 percent of the Federation forces have stood down. But forty percent are fighting and fleeing when they are escorting civilian frieghters *

*James is stunned as are the crews of the ships still fighting.*

James: Preston what are you doing?

Where is Firie?

Preston: I am ending this useless fight.. If we fight people will die.. Enough have already died no more need to.. James... please stand down.. my friend.. It is the only way we can protect the people..

James: You think the diadect is going to let you do that? You think he gives a damn about the people?

Preston: I can protect as many as possible. Change does need to happen and it has happened not in the way we wanted but this is the only way...

James: BS Preston murder and schemeing is no better than them..

Preston: Is it?

James: *silent*

Preston : *Firie comes on the screen*

James: You kidnapped her?

Preston: No she came of her own free will and with me..

James: No..

I won't stand down..

I will protect the people from the Diadect, the Iconians, and from your plans...

Preston: *Lowers his head and kills the channel*

James: I am going to get Firie back.

Wax: Go forth Admiral I will make sure we get as many out as we can.

James: Do so Captain..

*Miranda gets in front of him*

Miranda: Admiral I do not recommend you use that fighter of yours... It will strain your body too much.

James: I have to try... I have to reason with him... and Firie.

*Soon he launches out in the Nu Delta Hunter class fighter. *

*Preston is out on the launch bay in his reddish pink pilot suit Firie is behind him in hers as they head out to prepare for the arrival of the Shedai forces.*

*HOur later they observe James' fighter charging at them reddish in color. *

Preston: Why are you here James?

James: I am here for the girl..

Preston: She is here on her own accord...

Firie: James.. Please get out of here... You won't survive

James: Firie.. If you knew how I cared about you.. You wouldn't be there with him..

*She feels his heart but is deeply struggling as she cares for both of them*

*Preston charges in a rage and the dog fight between the 2 former friends heats up as the bits engage each other and the pilots themselves.. *

*James' feels the force on his body and mind he starts coughing and soon spasms out slightly giving Preston the opening he needs.. He takes it *

Preston: I am sorry James but your plan is going to kill more people... Please be at peace...

*Takes a shot at the fighter's cockpit but Firie's fighter jumps in the way and takes it and explodes.*

*Both men soon shout out in shock and denial.*

*The Odyssey comes in and drives off Preston *

*James is weeping *

*Preston is in his fighter*

Preston: Firie why did you jump in the way... Why...

Firie's ghost: The two of you should not be fighting each other... I want to have both of you to myself.. so I won't be alone.. I want you both to be happy...

*As the USS Odyssey takes in the fighter they warp out. Preston greets the Diadect, Gyunei, Tal, and Dorowa on board his vessel.*