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As the title says, here are a few bugs I would like to see get fixed.

New Romulus Kits:
Romulan Xenobiologist Mk X (ultra rare) -
has Stasis Field III instead of Stasis Field IV

Romulan Fire Team Mk X (ultra rare) -
The Plasma Grenade IV power appears to be identical is stats to the Plasma Grenade III on my non-romulan kit

Romulan Fabrication Specialist Mk X (ultra rare) -
the Turret IV's flamethrower can fire through Cover Shields and some walls

New Romulus Duty Officers:
The Stasis Field Doffs seem to be broke and add no effects to Stasis Field

Trill and some other species do not have the options for the various eyepieces, such as the VISORs and the Dominion HUD.

Bridge Officer abilities:
Directed Energy Modulation tootip does not reflect the actual damage dealt to targets. Tooltip appears to be often only a third or less of actual inflicted damage.

Console-granted abilities:
Metreon Gas shares a global CD with Eject Warp Plasma and Theta Radiation, however Metreon does not display a countdown during the global CD.

Tachyon Inversion Beams:
Currently benefiting from Aux to Batt with Technician DOffs and also gains effects from Warp Theorist Doffs.

Nadeon Detonator:
When used with Tricobalt Devices, it is firing a Tricobalt Shockwave Device at every target in the firing arc, easily launching 20-25 torps when used against a carrier.