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Originally Posted by xxninjaz1xx View Post
im trying for a healer role for pvp
Ah.. the Healer.. A role that a Carrier doesn't always pull off because of it's Garbage Truck like maneuverability.

Hopefully not in the Kar'fi how ever. Only because while it can provide support, it won't have enough, from my experiences, to produce the same effect as a Vor'quv.

Beams then are you best bet. Phaser, Disruptor, or Phased polaron for sure.

If you have to go a Torpedo boat build instead, Plasma and Transphasics are good. Try to stay away from Tricobalt Mines AND Dispersal Pattern Beta 1 or 2. Not because it's not a good combo, but because despite the "nerf" that was done to that combination, it really wasn't enough.

Shield Healing Drones aren't a bad route to go. You can set them to Defend a target ally, and they will stick to that ally. Not sure if they fixed it so that they will come back if you recall them. Though you'd want to use 2 pairs of Shield healing Drones. Because they just don't really give enough recovery with just one pair. And they made it so that when they explode, they don't do as much damage as other pets. (Last I checked)

Again, Birds of Prey are good damage pets if you put them into Follow and then, as I said before, "sick" them on an enemy.

And Orion Fighters (Don't recall their EXACT name) are good for the Engine disables they can bring out. I think they also can disable weapons. Which is good because that can reduce damage.

That's pretty much all I can think of Pet wise and Weapon wise for a "Healer" Carrier. Not my best subject. I hope what I do give helps.
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