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Originally Posted by heegoo419 View Post
There are still a few areas you will want to max out your points in just so you can be as efficient as you possibly can in PvP. Where those extra 3 points from 6-9 can mean survival or death for you or your teammates. I generally suggest 9 points in Hull Repair, Shield Emitters, Structural Integrity, Weapons Training, Shield Systems, Maneuvers, and Targeting systems. After that the min/maxing becomes a preference on what you would like to do with your build or defenses/weakness on your opposition.
All the experts (sorry don't know what short name I should give all the pro=pvp'ers) seem to agree on your list for 9 pips. The only exception is 6 for Maneuvers for engi/cruiser/healer. This is a good rule of thumb thank you.

Originally Posted by heegoo419 View Post
As for the passing of heals while scrambled or AMSed, that's where keybinds come in very useful.
Please elaborate on this. Are you referring to the F(n) keys? F1 = self, F2-F5 other teammates?

I have often wondered about this. Say we get hit by Scrambled, if I hit F3 then ES, will in fact player F3 get my Extend Shields or is there another kind of keybind you're talking about?

We've talked about keybinds in bootcamp but it's always along the lines of, 'you all know about keybinds right?..." So short I forget to ask these exception/non-obvious cases; not the coaches fault but mine, of course.