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02-01-2013, 02:59 PM
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WELL WHAT A WEEK WE HAVE had eh guys its been the worst week in 3 years for sto **** up after **** up.ow and not to mention the gift for us lifetimers a stupid beta for a game most of us are not interested. in thay have a cheek!cheeky ****ing twats thats what i think this tells me thay dont give a stuff about us lifetimers cus we have allready given them are money so now we can go **** are selfs if thay was thinking of rewarding us wtf not give us the red matter console or somthing we can use in sto not a stupid beta access i cant beleave thay gave us a beta i just feel let down this week every day.and we even get put on a waiting list lol we pay get put on a waiting list while free to play players are enjoying them selfs and were stuck at home pulling are hair out.sort your crap out cus im sick of it man
....hmmm wonder if he's mad?
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