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02-01-2013, 02:03 PM
I don't do much pvp, just a few kerrats, c&h, ect but regarding the mirror vo'quv, it might be worth experimenting with a aux2 dampener as it really can increase your turn rate for long enough to potentially turn around to get an angle for a subnuke, gw, vm, ect (of course it requires awareness so you have aux2sif when needed)

Of course using it and an aux2sif means you are stuck cycling epts1 and 2 or two epts1, the two epts1 option opens the ability to have an extend1 as well - in the end its how you play that decides the best option - I tend to pack my sci slots with shield emmiters so epts1 works for my 'keep out of danger until you have no choice' method of carrier flying but if you charge right in, epts2 is a batter option, or epts3 and a epts2