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02-01-2013, 02:04 PM
[8:35] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Good afternoon everyone - and Happy 3 years to STO

[8:37] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: I wanted to hop on here to apologize the for the downtime over the last 24 hours - the engineers are tracking down some networking issues this week - we are almost out of the woods

[8:39] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We may be able to spring for some more Dietary Supplments

[8:43] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: The amount of Dilithium players are earning per day is higher than it has ever been...btw

[8:43] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We will consider fused gear along with other crafting ideas when we re-look at crafting in a future update

[8:44] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Crafting is not in the May update - it is after

[8:44] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: RE: Tarantula - wow that would be crazy

[8:44] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: RE: Borg ships - that could be sometime later this year

[8:45] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: The term "Season 8" is dead to me - the next update is bigger than a season

[8:47] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: There is an update in May but I've stopped calling it Season 8 - it is something different

[8:48] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: May release will have a name - has not been revealed yet

[8:49] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We aren't talking about what is in the May update yet. Sorry but no spoilers allowed (yet)

[8:49] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: It would be great to see some ideas on the forums about how to make First Contact Day awesome

[8:50] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: RE: Ruins of Kunark - hahaha nice one

[8:51] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We can't wait to have Denise Crosby back in the studio to work on more episodes with us - that was a blast

[8:52] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Denise is coming back in March to work on more missions with us.

[8:52] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We would love to have more cast members - but it is really tricky with rules

[8:53] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: John DeLancie would be someone we would want to have in if at all possible

[8:54] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Well - they are all "Q" - but it is Q Jr in our game

[8:54] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We'd still like to have John for some episodes

[8:55] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: I don't think you realize how much money my little pony makes

[8:55] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: That is big business compared to little ol' free to play STO

[8:56] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: BTW - we are having our 1st Annual Star Trek Cook Off at work today to celebrate 3 years. We should take pics of the Trek dishes that we made and post them

[8:57] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: we haven't seen the dishes yet - the competition begins at 2:30pm

[8:59] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Bakula would be awesome! We have plans to do some Xindi stuff in a little bit

[8:59] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: little bit = one of our upcoming updates

[9:00] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: I've heard rumor they are working on Suliban but I haven't seen the concepts yet

[9:01] [Admin] Attention Captains: The shard will be coming down for emergency restart in 29 minutes.

[10:13] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Here to answer questions - go ahead and ask

[10:14] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: KDF updates are coming this year - not going to share details yet

[10:14] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Andorian Ship in Feb

[10:14] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Andorian ship might be ship(s)

[10:15] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: There is discussion of Fekhiri story extension, but focus will be on war

[10:15] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Flamethrower is still in qa - needs a few more fixes first

[10:15] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Foundry Spotlight rewards are going to be like normal foundry rewards (aka every mission gives rewards no cooldown) but better than normal foundry - coming in Feb

[10:16] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: RE: Specific Costume Issues - I don' thave specific details on each costume - you'll have to email me at and I'll dig into each

[10:17] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Server Stability = Way more people than we expected (we expected a lot too) and we had to add more power/db streamlines -

[10:17] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: re: Ship issues or specific bugs =- email me directly and I will dig into each

[10:17] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: RE: Shield modes - interesting idea - I'll pass it to systems guys

[10:18] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Jem Attack Ship may be back soon - working on details

[10:18] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Ambassador is headed to Fleet Store - not C-Store from what I heard

[10:18] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Cryptic does not handle GMs - that is perfect world sorry

[10:18] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Amb. and Odyssey will be coming to Foundry this year

[10:19] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We are discussing more tiers to starbases - no details to share yet

[10:24] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Cryptic does not handle GMs - that is perfect world sorry " What?

[10:19] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We may have multiple ships under you command in space when we hit Fleet Admiral ranks

[10:19] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Inventory space/ship slots is something we are working on for next update

[10:20] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Our next major update is in May - i cannot discuss any details yet

[10:20] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Temporal Ambassador mission will be permanent addition to game - T5 Ambassador is limited time tho

[10:21] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Re: Weapon Stats/Balancing - email me and I'll forward to the math folks

[10:21] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We are looking into additional localizations for STO in 2013 - we haven't confirmed which languages yet, but I've heard possibly Portugeuse as a top contender

[10:22] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Customizeable Kits are on the docket for 2013

[10:22] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We will most likely go to Delta Before Gamma

[10:23] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: PVP Updates is after May update

[10:23] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Server was down to add more capaity for the shard

[10:23] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We have more REps on the way - PVP, Tholians are two at top of list

[10:24] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: T3 Ambassador will be available indefinitely - T5 limited time

[10:24] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: It is a personal goal to get factions to where they need to be - I've said this for years and you'll just have to wait and see

[10:25] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We are considering a kickstarter model for ship designs - just discussions at this point

[10:25] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Re-Trait is in the works - Re-Species is a possibility but we haven't finalized that part yet

[10:26] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Our Fleet is at Level 3 and grinding like the rest of you

[10:26] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Fleet Marks for PvP is a distinct possiblity

[10:26] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Re-Trait will allow you to reset traits and or add more than before

[10:27] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Jem Attack Ship is coming soon - working on details now

[10:27] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Crafting is most likely end of 2013 or early 2014

[10:27] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: New UI that Thomas the Cat is working on is a reskinning and reLCARsing of existing UI - improving - not replcaing

[10:28] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: For bugs, issues, costume comlplaints, etc - email me I don't have all bug status in my head

[10:28] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Yes we are going to 6 day work weeks at least for next two months - we have a lot to do

[10:30][REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We are going to support your choice UI coloring

[10:30] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We are fairly confident the launcher issue from earlier this week is resolved after working all week with the ISPs to track down the routing issues

[10:31] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: More Fleet Ships are coming - I don't have the list

[10:31] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Bridges - Maybe - but they are low priority

[10:31] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Email me if you think a mission timer is wrong - we'll fix it

[10:31] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Delta before Gamma

[10:32] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Galaxy will get Saucer Sep - damnit!

[10:32] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Real customizeable interiors is a goal but about a year off from reality

[10:32] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We do plan to retrofit older events like CE and Kerrate - we may not revamp them, but may take concept and remake them

[10:33] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Bugkeeping is constant - we release bug fixes every week

[10:33] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: I've GOT FAITH OF THE HEART>......

[10:33] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: STFs in the latter part of the year if all goes according to plan

[10:34] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: email me specific cases and fleet info if your fleet is in a weird state - I'll investigate

[10:34] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Foundry on your ship is a ways off

[10:34] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Older Fleet Actions will return at some point once they get remastering

[10:35] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We are going to be adding more costume options for the next big update - more than normal

[10:36] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Kits for KDF could be next season - it is potentially part of kit revamp

[10:36] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We are considering Risa for a future summer event

[10:36] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Character Creation Options are getting an overhaul for next update

[10:37] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We are redoing our Character Creator for May - almost completely remade

[10:37] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We will continue to make missions around Trek - sometimes that will be story - sometimes that will be big ships duking it out

[10:37] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: but we want to stay focused on "TREK"

[10:38] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: No current plans to reduce fleet ship prices

[10:39] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Existing character models will remain valid for next may

[10:39] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We will lean towards fLeet marks being for fleet play only

[10:40] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: we have on our mid-term goals the revamp of BOFF abilities and training along with ship loadouts and ease of training

[10:40] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: If you have bugs that are causing you grief and feel they are criticial -= email me - we have a huge bug database - we continue to squash them weekly

[10:41] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Cryptic Designed Ships are coming - some in May

[10:41] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Refuses to be baited by KDF trolls - I said my peace earlier

[10:42] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: I'll repeat - it is my personal goal to resolve factions in the game. If I coudl say more, I would

[10:42] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: C++

[10:43] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Level cap increases are in design right now - will happen over next 12 months or so

[10:44] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Fleet Admiral will be max skillpoint cap - but there will be alternate advancement and future reps

[10:44] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Fleet Maps for Foundry -= great idea - ZeroniusRex is the person to hit up for that

[10:44] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Season 8 is dead to me - the May Update is bigger than a Season and will be called something else

[10:45] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Silver members will get access to ships at FAdmiral

[10:46] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Crew of Bortasq is part of a potential KDF storyline - no details to share yet

[10:46] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: There will be Seasons in the future - next update is not a season

[10:47] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: May = Big Update, then we go back to season for a while

[10:47] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Lifetime accounts will be on sale a couple times a year - don't have dates on me

[10:48] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Scimitar ship is reserved for any future Romulan Faction

[10:48] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Btw - I have 10 minutes before I have to go - I'm reading and responding as well as I can - if I don't get to your question email me:

[10:49] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: more emotes - I've heard this is coming but I can't remember which emotes

[10:49] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Classic Retrofits are possibly an idea for future Crafting

[10:49] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Vet Rewards are at max for now, but we may reconsider that in the future

[10:50] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Vulcan ships - hmm... nothing in the works - if you have an idea, share

[10:51] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: New Subscriber Benefits are coming in May update

[10:52] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Captains Table definitely needs love - no eta yet though - other subscriber and lt benefits being dicussed tho

[10:52] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: May update is going to be awesome in my opinion

[10:52] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: the teaser image was pretty cool

[10:52] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Other Trek Game ships are tricky - they must have clearance from CBS for us to use them

[10:53] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Custscene editor for Foundry is something we've discussed but it is a ways off

[10:53] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Optional Objectives for Foundry is something we've always wanted, but it is tricky - we are asking Neverwinter if they can look into it since they have all the Foundry code going on at the moment

[10:54] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Elite Forces was a great game

[10:54] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Ent J is not going to happen according to CBS

[10:54] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Re: Foundry Combat/Non-combat - we are looking into it, but for now rewards are based on other metrics - more filtering may be possible in future tho

[10:55] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Not sure when next Zen sale is - that is all Perfect World

[10:56] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Again - if you didn't get your question answered or you missed the answer I gave previously - email me and I'll do what I can to respond

[10:56] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: I'm not at liberty to discuss May update in detail

[10:56] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Must head out to work - enjoy the anniversary and we'll chat again soon

[10:57] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: AGAIN: EMAIL ME if you really have an issue that you feel is critical - I will do my best to investigate - DSTAHL@CRYPTICSTUDIOS.COM

[10:58] [REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Thanks - heading out - HERE"S TO 3 MORE YEARS OF STO!!! AND BEYOND!!!

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