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02-01-2013, 02:16 PM
When deciding what to do with the T4 Placate proc I think you should be very careful you don't nerf science abilities / captains / ships even MORE by making the post T4 placate give you immunity to ALL placates instead of T4. In any PVP battle nearly everyone is coming off T4 placate with the 12 second immunity as it is, cause it procs SO often (thank you escorts with near 20%+ crit chances.) Making it a global immunity to ALL placates makes 2 more science skills completely and utterly useless.
-- jam sensors
-- charged particle burst (with 3 purple doffs 60% chance)

The proc is just too powerful not because I can't fire at the opponent for 2 seconds, but because I LOSE THE TARGET. This breaks so many skills including the last reason to ever run a sci ship -- Sensor Analysis. You simply cannot build up sensor analysis vs anyone who has this proc, and that's just wrong.

I don't favor any class, I have 9 chars, 3 of each type and enjoy them all but escort is clearly favored by the designers, with engineering and sci forgotten. Science I feel has the most chance actually express itself through unique builds except that it is totally ruined with every patch. Subnuc doffs take away our class-defining skill and give it to escorts? Really? 5 Human "Leadership" BOFFs turns a fully spec'd viral matrix 3 commander level sci ability from 14.5 seconds down to 3 seconds? Really? Can I have a BOFF trait that makes me immune to 90% of cannon fire then to even the field?

Ignoring all of that. My idea to fix the placate proc.
-- Reduce it to 1.0-2.5% chance proc on crit
-- Keep the T4 placate ONLY immunity but extend it to 60 or 120 seconds
-- Do not have the T4 placate break target, this is by far what makes it so OP. 2 seconds of no target and another couple trying to reacquire it before it proc's again. Maintaining target lock so it doesn't break Sensor Analysis or other abilities is definitely needed.

Alternatively throw the whole T4 placate into the trash bin and come up with something else for that slot. An accuracy debuff on the target seems FAR more reasonable.

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