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02-01-2013, 02:31 PM
Depends what role you want to play with the LRSV.

To be a good healer, it lacks engineering abilities. So no shield extens. If you want to be a VM spamming sci damage dealer, the recon is better (especially fleet recon), because it has more tac slots and more speed/turnrate. The LRSV is the ship with most science abilities. But because you lack the options I just mentioned, it will never be a min/max build. So In my opinion it leaves you with a combination of something with debuffs and crowd controll, but also some heals. Then I would make a plasma or transphasic torpedo build with the beam array equipped on the back for the subsystem targetting. while I never tried this build, I think its a failsafe one.

HE1, HE2, VM1, VM3
TrB1, TSS2, ST3

EptS1, EptS2

Power settings: 25/50/25/100

2x development scientists (reduce science team to 15s)
2x System engineer (viral matrix doff)
1x torpedo doff

Regarding deflector/engine/shield and consoles, focus on the options given in the sci/eng healing builds you metioned

If you wanna focus more on crowd controll, you can replace VM's with grav wells. (with the grav well doffs). Spec heavy in graviton generators (like borg set) and you have a nice synergy of grav well + tractor beams. But personally, I would stick with VM,

edit: It looks a lot to this old build of mavairo. Still valid I guess:

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