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Originally Posted by darkjeff View Post
The difference is that both beams and cannons are most effective at close ranges, at 1 km and 2 km respectively.

Both beam and cannon users are thus encouraged to get closer - but because base damage is so low on beams compared to cannons, they actually have stronger encouragement to get up close.

If beams had no drop off up to 5 km, then suddenly their ideal range is 5 km, and it really does become a "beams distance", "cannons higher damage but closer" issue. As it currently stands, all weapons are encouraged to be used up close.

(I'm not in a cruiser by the way, my last experience with beams was a single Phaser DBB in my Vesta for Subsystem Targeting and Overload, and the Experimental Romulan Plasma Beam Array in my JHEC for the Hyperflux and Overload. Improving beams won't really change anything for me other than improving STF PUGs.)
The real difiner is the BOff buffs availible to cannons are better than any beam buff (outside of BO) and the horrible drain mechanic that beams have in general.

Beams actually perform at the same % as cannons up close (meaning 100%) but also suffer less at ranges 7-10km, by a factor of nearly 25%. Beams are meant to be good up close and at long range with both weapon types being near equal in the middle ranges.
The most recent testing by some reflect this as true.
So the issue lies (imo) in the beams drain under constant fire use and the lack of supporti e BOff abilities.

Starting a beams drain at 5km and out will only cause the rise of runner builds that spend hier time straight lining away from a foe to keep them at range for the duration of combat and beams will still suffer from poor drain cuasing them to appear far worse in comparison to DHCs.
Escorts would respond to runner builds by using TB, GPGs and any other mode of movement debuffs, soon he cries of movement debuffs are too OP would rise up from the masses. No problem would be solved.
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