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We've all seen it by now:

"March beneath the raptor's wings"

Obviously, the implication is a playable Romulan faction. But of course, simply implying something does not necessarily mean they are going to do it. They could after all want to make us think one thing and then surprise us with another.

However, I submit that after making the implication that a Romulan faction is coming, if that is not actually what happens, people are going to rage on a scale we have never seen before. So if a Romulan faction werent what they were actually planning, they could try to diffuse some of that rage before it happens by letting us know that isnt the plan. But they arent. Instead, they are remaining silent. The question is, what does remaining silent mean in this case?

There are 2 possible reasons:

A - a Romulan faction is actually coming in May, so there is simply nothing to diffuse.

B - they simply dont care about the rage. They know the teaser page is going to make people think there is going to be a Romulan faction, but they are just fine with letting people get the wrong idea only to be disappointed later. This would essentially be trolling the community.

Personally, I dont see how "B" could be the case, therefore "A" is the only logical answer. But what do you think? Do you think they would actually troll the community on this scale?

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