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02-01-2013, 03:14 PM
Wow, so much misinformation about gambling.

You have probably 0.02% of getting the lockbox ship, no matter how many you open, you always end up with the same probability per box. If you open 100 boxes, you still have 0.02% per box that you open to get the ship, you don't end up with a higher probability.

If there was a finite number of lockbox and a finite number of lockbox ships, your odds of getting the jackpot would increase with each box you open.
That is not the case.

There is no predetermination of what is in the box, every time you open it, the RNG pulls your prize from a table determined by cryptic/pwe, it could end up with the same prize in every box, or a different one, it's all random.

It works exactly like a slot machine, everytime you put your money and crank the machine, you end up with a random chance of winning the jackpot, or another prize, or nothing, no matter how much money or how many hours you put in a slot machine, the outcome is RANDOM.

More info regarding odds and gambling:
Note: You cannot Beat the system, in the long run you will always lose versus randomness, the only way to win is to play skill base games or not gamble at all.

P.S. I assume 0.02%, it may be more, but I doubt it, at the very least it is not higher that 3%

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