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# 330 Battlestar Mission
02-01-2013, 03:27 PM
I just made my first every foundry mission, so helpful feedback (and Dilithium tips) are appreciated.

Name: battlestar
Faction: Starfleet
Level 46+

The "story" is that due to the effectiveness of the Omega and MACO missions the Borg threat has been lessened significantly, the queen has had to spend so many resources just performing maintenance and on moving and coordinating the fleet they have not had much time to build up and strengthen themselves. You are out to prove that resistance is not so futile after all

There are a few different waves in there, one has just spheres, another couple have a cube or two and some spheres and then the last wave is a mixture of some Undine weak ships and some Borg freighters (aka probes) then at the end I have a Tact cube with Armek in in that you hail/interact with he issues a warning and shows his anger at your success and then the mission is soon as you speak to a special mission contact, I havent figured out how to work her into the beginning I couldt use her as the accept mission person, but her name is Hottie, and she tells you that all the stories about you are true and that you should swing by and next time you are in the system the two of you can take a weekend on Risa lol

Im learning more and more about how the foundry works each time I use it, but I will continue to tweak this one based on the feedback I get, my other thing is I really want to make this count towards the "investigate officer reports" but Im not sure how I did that, is it a certain time limit that the mission has to take? or is it the # of enemies you engage? sure would like to know so I can have a specific goal to aim for