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Originally Posted by lolimpicard View Post
I regret to not have made "Under heavy fire" bold, because that is the crux.
If left alone the Escort is plain best, but under attack Escorts are in trouble, which usually means moving or fleeing, which means losing some or all dps, et cetera.

Have an Eng Escort pilot aswell (in a Breen ship these days) and in retrospect I regret not having had much ability to use the Engineers improved tanking much, since Escort tanking always means moving and hence not always firing your DHCs.
Much happier with the Breen ship so I can actually survive moving slowly and taking a hit.
Sorry, I should have made it more clear, I did survive heavy fire, many times and the only movement I did was creaping in from 10 KM, and then reversing back out to about 5KM, and then going back in. Again, I was a eng captain, so a tac might not be able to do this, but most of the tanking skills are BOFF based, not captain.

Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Beams actually perform at the same % as cannons up close (meaning 100%) but also suffer less at ranges 7-10km, by a factor of nearly 25%. Beams are meant to be good up close and at long range with both weapon types being near equal in the middle ranges.
The most recent testing by some reflect this as true.
So the issue lies (imo) in the beams drain under constant fire use and the lack of supporti e BOff abilities.
I don't argue that the beam energy drain is a problem, however, I question what you are saying about beam damage performing the same percent as cannon damage. Yes, beam damage is at a higher percent of total beam damage at longer range than cannon damage percent, but that is not comparing the same thing. It is comparing percent of total beam damage to percent of total cannon damage. Cannons outdamage beams out to 8 KM (Per this guy.) So the only area where beams are better than cannons is between 8 to 10 KM. Which is a pretty narrow band. If you want more equality, either cannon drop off needs to be increased, or beam drop off needs to be decreased, so that cannons rule inside 5 KM and beams rule outside of it. Actually if beam drop off didn't start until about 5KM, that would probably do it.
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