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Originally Posted by voyager10759 View Post
I dowloaded your calculator and the free apcahe open office but when i open the calculator and try to put something in a field it says opened in read only and wont let me how do i change this looks like it will be cool
I just downloaded and tested the calc with OO 3.4.1 and it worked fine on my end. The file that's downloaded is a zip file, you'll want to take the Excel file out of the zip archive and save it locally to your drive. I know some apps like to automatically write-protect downloaded items, so make sure you remove any copy protection from the file. Let me know if that works for you.

Originally Posted by unheard1978 View Post
your sites not working for me also....
I don't see any problem on my end, everything appears to be working ok. But, to hopefully "take out the middle-man" I removed them download htm page on my site, and the link in the OP now refers directly to the zip file. See if that helps, and please let me know.

Originally Posted by tarsudo View Post
Thanks!!! Thanks again for your time, your work.
You're most welcome.

Originally Posted by tarsudo View Post
I post a long time ago... values for D'kora marauder in attack mode, please consider for next update...
Considered and added Tarsudo. I'm sorry, I don't know why I never paid attention to your old post. Thanks for your patience.

You'll find a v7.0.10 Calc that is now available and includes the D'Kora (Battle Mode) listed as a ship under the "Special (Cross-faction)" list. The "Battle Mode" is technically a feature of the Console - Universal - Battle Module 3000, but since that console only works on that ship, and it's easier for me to add a ship than a console, you get - A new ship. Heh.

People are commenting they are unable to download the Calc. Is anyone able to successfully download PowerCalc v7.0.10 from the link the OP? Please let me know if you can (or can't, actually).

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