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02-01-2013, 05:04 PM
Originally Posted by thowas View Post
"Fix that" Give us this" "if not i' wont play anymore" "Craptic" "You broke something again!""
There will always be ... entitlement, however I want to point out this.

People have different priorities over Cryptic own priorities, to some the Galaxy errors are long overdue a correction and the same goes over the ship needing a revision, the same goes for the Galaxy-X and many other ships and things in the game.

People have their own views and ideas were they are likely to clash with decisions been made.

However this is a indication of a healthy game, a good warning is when you go to a forum about a game and any criticism and any complain is meet with overwhelming "shut up", this type of defensive behavior is not a indication of nothing being wrong (in a MMO something always will be, even if subjective) but rather the game have shrunk to such a core of people that are so delusional they will immediately rally up to shut down any voice of discontent, there are problems but they are all closing their eyes and ignoring them.

As much any of those posts might annoy and irritate me, I rather have the complains that the non-complains ... at least that shows people still care about things and are not reduced to mindless fanboys that dont want to read about what they already know.