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Originally Posted by deyvad View Post
You mean like after every major patch, season, updates or what not.
No. As you point out, we have seen that before. What I said was that people will rage on a scale we have never seen before. By definition that excludes what we have already seen before.

As for not coming out and setting the record straight, they're not leaking spoilers yet, say it's about a new Feature Episode Series that pitches the Tal Shiar against New Romulus and UFP and KDF must defend against the Tal Shiar, do you expect them to come out and spoil the surprise because people may get the wrong idea? Nah, the purpose of being mysterious is that no promises are made, therefore no promises broken. They should have learnt that lesson seasons ago.
This is not a logical explanation for remaining silent if there were no Rom faction. Even if they do not want to share specific details about some new FE series, they would still want to keep people from thinking they were getting a Rom faction if that was not the case. Unless of course they simply dont care about people getting the wrong impression, which is option "B".

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