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02-01-2013, 05:17 PM
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now I have tried to launch the game 62 63. This needs to be fixed...the right way not just for the free-to-play players, but also for those of us who are life time members thats been here gaming since the 1st year....
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I got up early this morning excited at the prospects of the 3rd Anniversary and the nice new ships. Got to do both events with one charcaracter and was getting ready to go with the second but an enexpected server maintenance came up this morning. tried comming back this afternoon but lag slowed me down considerably. Nearly completed the Temporal Ambassador mission when the emergency shutdown hit.

I tried to get to Tribble's Drozana for the Q & A, but the character i had was deleted, had to make another, and the tutorial option to skip it was nowhere to be found.

I am now feeling tired and broken, and have similar sentiments about the game.
See thowas, people who still obviously enjoy the game are not happy. What's wrong with them coming here and posting their discontent?

Were they rude? Nope. Did they insult? Nope. Were they "whining"? It didn't sound ike it to me.

Should these be "thankful for what they have got"?

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