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02-01-2013, 05:30 PM
Originally Posted by nynik View Post
I agree with the OP's B to an extent. There really isn't any problem with them teasing us so. That single may update page has probably garnered a lot of attention this past day or two, it is spreading free advertising for the game and it fundamentally doesn't promise or detail the delivery of anything.

If some people FEEL they are promising something then its not a case of Cryptic trolling the community, its just another case of some of the community trolling themselves without realizing it.
I dont think its quite that simple. If they had simply said there was more Romulan content coming in May, and then some people just assumed that meant a playable faction, that would be pretty wild speculation with no real basis.

But that promo page along with tag line "march beneath the raptor's wings" strongly suggests playing AS a Romulan, because the 2 current factions certainly arent marching "beneath the raptor's wings".

So with the devs designing a promo that strongly suggests playing AS a Romulan, then if that is not actually what they are making then they are the ones doing the trolling.