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02-01-2013, 04:43 PM
"Scimitaur ship is reserved for any future Romulan faction" at least points to a RSE eventually. Though the May surprise may just be a start to it instead of the whole as many hope.
All we can do is wait and see. STO needs to be true multifaction game with many fully fleshed factions to enjoy instead of one faction and two hangers-on.

I was very happy to see KDF kits are on the way (yay Targ handlers), that the captain of the BortasQu is finally gettong recognized and especially the BOff revamp hint.

STO has potential to rise above as a jewel in MMOs and even though I am seen as a Klingon troll by many, that lofty perch is something I still wish to see it achieve.
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