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02-01-2013, 05:13 PM
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Hi Ironmako,

Your torn it seems? Hoh'sus or B'rel? I own a B'rel retrofit myself. The Hoh'sus can hit a little harder than my B'rel in terms of DPS thanks to its 4 tactical consoles. But I'll tell you why I love my B'rel so much.

Though most people are probably aware of the B'rel's unique ability to fire when cloaked, you'll be surprised how much damage you actually dish out with the right load out. The most damage I've inflicted on a crit hit with the B'rel with full buffs (APA, Fire on my mark, APO, Go down fighting, and Tactical fleet dmg buff) then going into cloak before firing my payload was approx 380k from a combined 4 xTricobalt Mine blast released with the Dispersal Pattern Beta III mine buff. I single shotted a Borg Cube with that on a Khitomer Accords Elite STF today while working my side of the map.

Keep in mind... The trade off for such huge spikes of damage in your attacks is a sacrifice in DPS. Generally DPS is much more important in STFs/PvE games than sudden spikes of damage which can take some time to setup again. The cool thing about the B'rel is you can totally configure it to go back n forth from a gun/DPS boat to a torp/gank boat.
Yep yep.

Here's a vid of when I tried the tachyon beam as a sci assist to torps.. didnt work well so I dropped the tachyon. In a few days ill have both omega and hyper plasma & will post new vid with them.