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02-01-2013, 05:48 PM
The biggest BS thing about the JHAS to me is the 4 Engineering Console Slots. A few people have mentioned it but I still get the feeling this aspect is way under-represented.

Highest Shield Modifier for any escort, even more than the Armitage and Fleet Patrol.

Near-Cruiser Hull Strength

Near-Shuttle Turnrate

4 Engineering Console Slots for 2xNeutroniums + RCS + Uni or 3xNeut + RCS

5 Tac Console Slots, allowing for a Uni as well.

Add 'Victory Is Life' for buff stripping as well.

This ship sacrifices nothing for all it's benefits.

It's training wheels for a novice PvP'r with a big wallet.

For a seasoned player, it's unstopable.