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Originally Posted by lolimpicard View Post
No, no - you're spot on, sacrificing just a tiny bit dps and getting Emergency Power to Shields instead of to Weapons with an Eng captain works wonders, but your dps overall will be ~20% lower than a Tacs
(mostly due to not having his crazy damage bonus abilities, altho the system-power tricks an Engineer has help).
And now, come on - how many times has Miracle Worker saved your ship?
Most will admit to being saved by it a lot, regardless of the ship type they use, but few are as grateful as the Eng Escorts!
Just as an add-on to this: FPE with an Engineer as captain. That ship. Insanely hard for NPCs to destroy. FPEs are the most naturally tanky out of all the current escorts in game (just on paper, in actual combat might be a different story), so if you add on an engi captain, sufficed to say, it takes quite a while to destroy you, if you're ever destroyed at all.

Also it's BOff layout makes it perfect for a full cannon build. Sufficed to say, in my FPE, my engi captain can GET IT DONE. But the only catch here is that it's not as much fun to fly as my Odyssey XD.
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