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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
Actually, the original idea for last year was to do Montana. I had started whiteboxing a little by time we decided we didn't have anything cool to put in there missionwise, without doing some crazy time travelly nonsense. So it got shifted to Utopia Planitia.

I still think it would be fun to make that map, but I don't know what the plan is for this year.
Including the Cochrane statue, reaching up to the stars?

Taco, IMHO you should do a Holodeck Episode than doing another Time Travel mission, because Time Travel in STO has really becoming overused.

With a Holodeck Recreation, you wouldn't need to have Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-E present. And you are free to do anything. Maybe have you (the player) play the role of Cochrane (which saves you needing to model James Cromwell) and playing the role leading up to First Contact itself. (Of course history would omit things like his drinking and colorful langauge. )

Another possibility is simply having it as a social area, where players could relax and have unique things that can only be done there. Maybe a museum full of history of Cochrane from his creating the Phoenix up to his leaving Earth? Or Skiing in STO, there is sking available in the real Bozeman, Montana.

Originally Posted by commadorebob View Post
In this case, why bother allowing the KDF to play it? Why not set it up as a "reenactment" you participate in. On the KDF side, how about Cryptic actually come up with the history of Klingon warp travel.
Since Klingons aren't very science oriented, I always took them to be similar to the Kazon in being slaves and suddenly having control of the technology. And the masters were the Feklhri.

Originally Posted by hartzilla View Post
Why would the Klingons need to be considered for First Contact Day its a Federation holiday, can't they just give the Klingons some kind of Day of Honor event thing instead, it would maker more sense then celebrating a holiday of their mortal enemies.

Day of Honor fits.

In Marc Okrand's Klingon Audio Tapes, there are the Qi'lop and Empire Union Day as well. I could see Cryptic mixing it up having Federation players celebrate First Contact Day, while the Empire celebrates Imperial Union Day. And later in the year we got Federation Day, and Klingons could celebrate the defeat of the Fek'hlri (not the STO Fek'lhri) or Kahless defeating Molor.

So it would be polar opposites of each other. One Celebrates their Faction's founding, while the other celebrates a defining day of their faction.

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