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02-01-2013, 06:34 PM
Hmm... the summons idea is actually pretty good, although I don't know if I like the idea of it costing resources per use. Certainly in canon, though. For instance, look at the two handsome jokers behind Brunt.

I think a combination of a weapon, a shield, and armor would be great. I'd say a kit, but, er... not sure what could be made that would be useful to all careers (at least in terms of combat). Biggest trick is to make it nice, useful, but not succumb to power-creep/bloat.
  • 1/3 - Rule of Acquisition #97, " never enough." No bonus :p
  • 2/3 - Rule of Acquisition #25, "You can't make a deal if you're dead." Could be a stealth, could be a self-heal, aggro/threat reduction, could be resistances to slows or holds, etc. Or, all of those things, but for a short duration (ie, give you a chance to run away).
  • 3/3 - Rule of Acquisition #261, "A wealthy man can afford anything except a conscience." Summons two NPC allies to fight with you, or maybe gives you a bonus to flanking damage. Maybe both! As the two NPCs engage, you can move to reposition yourself at the enemy's flank, thus enjoying a bonus to damage. Now, no idea how powerful the NPC allies should be - maybe relatively low damage but high threat?

Just a thought. I'd personally love to see a Bajoran set as well, although I'm not sure how that would work out.
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