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02-01-2013, 06:43 PM
RE: Miracle Worker, I honestly don't know, but from what I remember, not that often. Then again my memory is foggy often about such things, so I'll give the point.

RE: the new testing data, if I got the right link, that's comparing a duel heavy cannon with a duel beam bank. And that does look better, but I was talking about beam arrays. Assuming that the same drop off applies to beam arrays as to DBBs then DHCs are the best from 1 to 4 KM, DBB are best from 5 to 10 KM, and beam arrays are always last until 7 or 8 KM, when they overtake DHCs. I still think that just looking at the range, beam arrays should star their drop at 5 KM. That gives them slightly less range advantage over the DBBs, give a bit more room to fend off cannons, and remain close but below DBBs out to 10KM. Again, just my opinion, but in the question of range, I think it would help.
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