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Episode 50
  • Nelan - Actually, listening is a keyword, along with wanderer. He's an El-Aurian, the same race as Guinan.
  • Aw, you didn't ask Tasha or Castillo to talk about themselves. You already know their stories of course, but it's nostalgic.
  • Don't forget, what of your most useful abilities as an Engineering Captain is Rotate Shield Frequencies. So you didn't quite press every single button.
  • You did miss a few things in the mission, some other accolades and bonus stuff, but you found most of it.
  • There's also a special Q mission where you can get the thing that lets you blow the baloons. Q's in Club 47 if you get there before the event ends (February 14th). It's a quick daily.
  • If the balloons lag you too much, you can go into Options > Video > Show Advanced Video Settings > Max Physics Depris Objects and reduce the number. Putting it to 0 will make it so that no balloons show up at all.
  • The Yesterday's Enterprise uniform isn't a 'uniform' per se. I haven't tried using it myself, but I believe it's a set of attachments and a belt or sash that you can equip that, combined with the existing uniforms available, allow you to recreate the uniforms seen on Yesterday's Enterprise.
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